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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

What exhibits I liked the most

By: Brianna

I liked this exhibit called light show. In the light show every time that there was a beat in the waves the lights were set to light up whenever there was a beat or a spike in the radio waves. The reason I liked it is because I thought that it was magnificent on how the lights light up whenever there was a spike or beat in the radio waves. The other exhibit I liked was the exhibit that let you make the stuff that you make braces out of and in the same exhibit the ladies that were in there let you get a fake finger cast.

The next exhibit I liked was the John Deere exhibit because I got to learn about all the things that John Deere makes. For example they make tractors, lawn tractors, and planters. The next exhibit I liked was the exhibit that let you make your own arrowheads. First you need to pack sand in these wood boxes and then you pour melted metal down the middle. That’s all the exhibits I can remember right now.

. clip_image002

UW Engineering Expo

By: Hannah

When we went on a field trip to the UW Engineering Expo there were a lot of booths. But my favorite was the Supper Conductors booth, well it really wasn’t a booth their could have been rooms. But the reason I liked the supper conductors was it was kind of like watching lightning bolts. And have never seen lightning bolts in person up close.

When he started to demonstrate the supper conductors someone turned the lights off he said ok but it might be loud. Wow was he right. It felt like my ear drums busted. Wow! But it looked extremely beautiful. Purple bolts like lights shot out of the machine.

As soon as I first saw it I thought it was going to be boring and that I would regret going in there but wow! Was it was made for transmitting electricity in the air, but instead it’s a good way to make lightening. And that’s way I liked this field trip!! J

clip_image002 clip_image004

Floating train

On the field trip I had seen a floating train. The floating train was made out of foam. In the train their was two big magnets in the bottom of the train. You could push the train very fast and the train will go fast into the turns the train would get stuck or go off the track and some foam came off the train. The track was made out of magnets. 1 half of the track was + and the other half is -. The person who made the track had to force the two sides together to make the track work. The train was -372 degrees and the air was warm so the train was smocking because the warm air and the cold air made steam. In Japan they made a plane that can float on a magnet track and it is getting tested. -coby


Big Speaker

Big Speaker

The thing I liked the most at the UW Madison Engineering Expo was a big speaker that these two students made. It was huge It was the biggest speaker I ever saw. It was the world record for the biggest speaker made. The speaker that had held the previous record was twelve inches shorter than this one. One of the students told us how they made it with magnets and about how they built it while the other student played his base for us. It was quiet loud. He played all different kinds of songs. The other speaker that previously held the record could only play one note, but this one could play songs. It looked cool. It was black with a greenish blue light that were like beads inside a plastic round tube that was bolted on with a brown ring. luke


The concrete boat

I thought it was the best because .I thought it wouldn’t float but it did. Because it was made out of concrete because it was special concrete. That was less dense than water there boat was black and red and they won the race, but in the national they got 5th place out of 30 boats.

Are group got to have one piece of concrete because our leader. had money and bought us one we had fun with their concrete boat. Our piece was a circle and it floated and I brought it home it was a cool red one.


The Engineering Expo!!!!!


What I thought was really cool were 2 main things. One of them was a small little train that would float. The reason it would float was because they put nitrogen in it with a magnet. The magnet was there because it had to stay on the track somehow but the track was a magnet too. The Second thing was the non-Newtonian fluid. It was made of cornstarch and water. What we did with it was you would poke it fast and it was a solid and when you just touch it really slow it would become a liquid.

By paetyn


What I learned

My favorite part was when we went into the basement of the collage. We got to play in this goo that was made from corn starch and water. It was fun because if you took a clump of it into your hand and squeezed it a little bit and then let go it would take a short time to melt into your hands. If you put a lot of pressure on the goo it would take a lot longer to melt into your hands. It was really messy and you had to go and wash your hands and it would come right off. After you wash then if you smell them they will smell like bread.

I also like the station that when you put food coloring into water you wait a bit then strain it out the food coloring becomes a solid not a liquid. You can feel it and touch it and you can lift it and it would not turn back into a liquid it would stay a solid and it would brake if you screwed around with it. I made a shape that was like the water was rippling and it didn’t break when I picked the big shape up. They were really fun to play with and experiment with.

clip_image002I loved the obstacle course about water to because you could learn how to take care of water and have fun with it too.


My Favorite thing was the Non-Neutiononion because it was very cool. It was made out of cornstarch and water. They should make bulletproof vest out of this mixture because it dose the opposite you do so if you punch it doesn’t go through if you put your finger on it goes through. When you put pressure on it makes a ball when you don’t put pressure on it looks like it is melting but isn’t.-Brittney


The Engineering Expo!!

When I went to the UW Engineering Expo and went inside a room a saw a machine called a Tesla Coil. The man that was running the machine was supposed to make it transmit electricity into the air, but instead it was making lighting. When the man turned off the lights and tried to make it work the machine made a loud noise and purple lighting came shooting out of the machine. Most of the people that were in the room too thought it was loud, but I didn’t think was.


What I saw and liked


What I Saw and Liked

I saw a glass elevator and we went in it and we went to the basement all the way to the top and when we saw through the glass everyone looked tiny. We went into the 2nd building and we went in this one room and we got a cast on our fingers and we got a picture with a skeleton. When we went by this man he said, ’’If you can name 7 things that John Deer makes you get a hat.’’ Brianna knew all of them so then we got a hat. When we went by the fountain Dylan and Adam ran through the water and they got soaked, and all of us laughed, and before we left the fountain we got our picture with the fountain. We went by this one stand and I got 2 peacock feathers and I told my partners that they could have one so they ran over by the stand and grabbed one, we also saw an old car that my mom’s likes. So yeah we visited a lot of places and Adam and I had a balloon fight at lunch time it was fun and funny. On our way home Torie and I watched Good Luck Charlie and Drake and Josh. When we went to McDonalds I had about 2 ½ refills of Mellow Yellow it was so good and then my tough turned yellow, it was funny. On our way home I had to stay on the floor because there wasn’t any room in any seats and it was painful but I also had a good time. Taylor s.



Video Game

There was a board with pegs that lit up on it and the game was that it showed you a shape and you had to press the button whenever you saw the shape. It was not easy because they was shapes that were very similar to the original shape and when the pegs lit up the different patterns you didn’t know when they were coming because, it kept getting faster and faster. They would give you a prize if you had enough points to get to the top of the bar. Sadly, nobody in the room did.

Tesla Coil

clip_image002Our group went into a room with hardly anybody in there the first thing we had to do was sit in the second row and turn out the lights. He said that it might make a little noise but, it made a lot. We also found out that the room smelled like chlorine because, the electricity was giving off Ozone smell. We couldn’t go close to it or else electricity would go through our bodies. It turns out that a crazy man named Nikola invented it.

The Body Machine

The Body Machine was the last room we went to before boarding the bus and inside was a treadmill and they would video tape your legs and then on the computer an avatar would make the same movements as you. Another thing in the room was the bike, on the bike it could tell how strong your legs were. Then, you would write your score down and put it on the wall. The highest score was 780. The last thing in there was these bands that they put on your ankles that vibrated. Next, you were told to close your eyes and you would start falling backwards! You started falling because with the vibrations on your Achilles tendon it would confuse your calf muscles and you would just start falling.


In the earth room with stuff all about the ground in there, there was a tube filled with sand and water and there was a little house on top. They would let you tap on the tube with a black hammer until the house sank down. Another thing we learned is that when landfills fill up they put caps of grass on them and can form soccer fields. The last thing we looked at was a way to see when earthquakes would come. The guy had us tap the motion detector on a slab of wood, concrete, a water bottle, and the table. Then, on the computer the scale would go up if you hit it hard.


Inside the radiation and nuclear room they had lots of information about what had happened to Japan. There was also Beanie Babies that had little chips inside them and we had to find them with the radioactive scale. They also had the poles that are melting in Japan. They had a glass box full of mouse traps and ping pong balls but, right when we walked in it went off and, we didn’t get to see it because it takes 30-45 minutes to set up.

By: Rachel



Question1. What did you like? The body connections room

Question2. Why did you like it? The missiles

Question3 How long did you stay at 1 place? 15 minutes

Question4 how did you like the trip? It was really fun.

Question5 did you get to see Bucky the badger? No

Question6 If you were at the school at the expo would you want to be Bucky? No

Question7 what would you do if you were at the college? Be in the body connections room

Question8 how would you feel if you were at that college? Cool

Question9 How would you feel if you were Bucky? Stuck in a suit

Question10 Did you see any of the 8 buckys? no

Maeve s.

What I Learned At The Expo

clip_image002I went on a field trip to Madison to an Expo. I saw the wonder of physics. I thought that it was cool when the lady took a glass of water and put it on a plate with strings attached to it and swung it in a circle upside down and it didn’t spill. Then she showed us liquid nitrogen and she did a lot of things with it. First she told us how the fog formed. Next she poured water in it and the water froze, but the nitrogen was boiling because it is so cold and the and the air is really hot compared to the nitrogen. Next she took a little bit of the nitrogen and put it in a small like cannon made of copper she pounded the cap of cork in with a hammer and after like 20 seconds it would blow the cover off and hit the ceiling really hard. Jessica

What I learned at the Expo


I saw a sand castle station at the expo. The lady who was doing this experiment found out how the sand castles were formed. The sand forms a sand castle by absorbing the water and forms into a mold, but if you add soap to the sand and water, the soap will break the water’s surface tension, which makes the sand not absorb the water as well. Then we tried to make a sand castle with the water to see if it didn’t work, and it fell apart. Then the lady asked us to make a ball to see if it would form easier that way, but when my group set them down, they fell apart and went down the sides of the table.

Then we saw college students who made a project at the end of the semester instead of having a test. They did the project on medical things. The girl who was there explained how doctors sometimes have the problem of not knowing when to stop when they are drilling into a bone, and sometimes they accidently go too far and go into muscle or tissue, so she made a drill, that had a stopper on the end so the drill could only go through the bone not any farther, because they had a medal tube in the place where the drill bit was supposed to go, and they inserted the drill bit, which was smaller than the tube, and explained how it worked. It would stop at a certain point because at the end of the drill bit, it was bigger than the medal tube, so it would stop. They did this on a bone that they made and it stopped once it was threw. The college student built it. clip_image002[4]         Molly

Floating cement

They made cement canoes that actually float. The cement is really light and they had costars that floated so I bought two of them for $1. The reason they float is because they have little glass pockets in them that hold air and that is how they float. The canoe they made this year is blue on the outside and black on the inside. -Dylanclip_image002

i liked the body connections room because they had the mustle relaxer that they strapped to rour ankles and it viborated untill you just fell. and then they had the connect viideogame charecter deziner that followed your joints by the light bouncig off of you to copy your movements. and they also had you run on a treadmill but they taped you on a high speed camra so you got to watch yourself in slow motion-tre

Tesla Coil

When I was at the expo, we went into this one room. It had this big machine called the Tessla coil. It’s an invention that was supposed to transmit electricity in the air, but instead it’s a good way to make lightening. The demonstrator turned off the lights and then turned it on. He said it was going to be a little loud and he was right. Purple lightening came from the machine. It was really cool.


non Intoning fluid

We saw a non Intoning  Fluid and it was really gooey and it was hard and watery. We got to play in it and I got my hands stock. There were a lot of kids there so some of us didn’t get to play in it.  It was gorse but fun and it dripped out of your hands.

Torie Opelt


Test of the Posting Station

In order to get the kid’s posts up on the blog the day after the trip, Mr. Briggs Set up a posting station in his room.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Issues with the Blog

Somewhere in Mauston we ran into technical problems.  Mr. Briggs thinks it has something to do with lots of people sending posts at the same time and somehow overloading the system.  but either way it was not very fun getting our access to the blog cut off as soon as we arrived at the UW.